Lic. No.: 1308/074/75 Reg. No.: 174805/074/075

Travel Management

Care Professional Service - Travel Management

Travel management is the process of connecting the employee’s corporate travel and tracking the employee’s needs, requirements, and other necessities.  Care Professional service provides the services and planning including the process of examining employees for the maintenance and acceptance of travel management. We look after the travel expenses for our workers at a reasonable price.

After receiving the required documents for the employment contract from the employer, the documents such as passport and visa will be handed over to the travel agent so as to make the flight acceptance at the right time. A copy of the employment contract of service harmony mentioning offered salary and schedule of advantages to the workers together with accommodation, food, and health facilities should be legally authorized.  Employment contract, respective company, and the employer only copy signed and stamped by the sponsor. We have our exclusive travel agency that will provide proper collaboration to candidates during the travel. As soon as the visa got approved, we give ticket booking to our travel agency or directly to the concerned airline to confirm seats to the nearest airport of the authorized country. After the flight authentication, we send flight details to our employer requesting them for airport pick-up and also the adjustment of hotels.

Care Professional Service specializes in the policies for specific employees and the systems related to travel management.  So, there is the necessity to conduct a travel management assessment to ensure that the right management process is given to the candidates. This will help in enhancing the worker's courage. Moreover, it provides services that meet within the respective industries. Without better travel management employees sometimes feel uncomfortable in their new position. That’s why encouraging employee confidence and adapting faster while traveling plays a significant role.