Lic. No.: 1308/074/75 Reg. No.: 174805/074/075

Visa Processing

Care Professional Service - Visa Processing

Visa processing is simply the part of the immigration process where the candidate’s visa is endorsed. All the sets of documents of candidates will be sent to the employer for the process of employment visa. The candidate’s visa should be recognized and sent by the employer to the recruitment agency for the last steps of approval.

Power of Attorney
The employer will supply Care Professional Service Pvt. Ltd with an authorized written application. A copy of written authority should be authenticated by the Ministry of Labor from the representative company of the workers in a labor recruitment service to perform in his favor.

Consular Letter
The principal has issued a Power of Attorney on behalf of the representatives of the Consulate General of the Embassy of Nepal stating that we have been appointed as their recruitment agents and are authorized to handle all visa matters, receipt, and delivery. Along with specifying, among other things, the visa number and date of issue with the designated embassy.

The orientation classes are mandatory, organized by the government-registered orientation institute to inform all the responsibilities during duties and required terms and conditions while at work. It helps to create information regarding the working environment, awareness, and establish friendly relations between employer and employee.

Visa Advice
The Visa Advice, suitably endorsed and attested as specified above, should be sent to the concerned Embassy, with a photocopy that must be forwarded to Care Professional Service for presentation to the concerned Embassy.

Department Formalities
The recruiting service collaborates with the selected candidates in achieving their passports by providing them with short notice. Moreover, the recruitment agency has the authority to arrange the visa as the chasing of visa on the passport of the selected candidates with the better association of employer. We send all those documents of selected applicants for visa processing who are physically and mentally fit.