Lic. No.: 1308/074/75 Reg. No.: 174805/074/075

Saudi Visa Process

Candidates must provide their actual signed passports, including a copy of personal information. The passport must be valid for the next six months.

The following stepwise process should be followed by the candidates for the recruitment process in Saudi Arabia:

  • All the legal documents in specified format should be provided by employers to us after getting attestations from the Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs Ministry (MOFA) of Saudi Arabia.
  • The candidates must get a job offer letter from the Care Professional Service Pvt. Ltd before applying for the work permit.
  • Our company Care Professional Service selects the candidates as per the demand.
  • The required documents of candidates must be filled out along with their medical report and original passports which should be submitted to the Saudi embassy. 
  • The clearance of the payments must be done.
  • In the final, candidates must wait until the visa comes.