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Recruitment Process

Care Professional Service - Recruitment Process

After receiving the inquiry letters from our well-qualified and expert candidates, we provide the legal documents that are necessary at various stages that make the process reliable in the recruitment agency for foreign employment in Nepal.

Receipt of Demand and Verification
On receipt of all mandatory documents from the candidates are collected by the Care Professional Service to submit to the Department of Foreign Employment to take permission from the government. They may also contact the employees for the verification of the documents.

The Department of Foreign Employment granted pre-approval by receiving the demand letter from the employer. Once the documents are authorized by the government of Nepal, all the documents are accepted for additional recruitment processes.

Advertisement in Social Network
The request letter is published in the national daily/weekly newspaper for assembling the documents. Care Professional Service Pvt. Ltd uses various tools such as the internet, SMS, telephone, etc. to characterize and accumulate documents based on the necessity of the employer. These documents are additionally met through direct candidates in preference to public relations officers.

The pre-screening process moves forward by getting the pre-approval from the Department of Foreign Employment of Nepal. Screening the applicable candidates through the necessary documents to initial processing helps to recognize the candidate’s nature and ability to work. An interview and trade test will be conducted by the agency representative under the given selection criteria by the employer.

The candidates are prescreened by respected companies. In such cases, we carry out interviews for employer's journey to foreign countries and arrange them to the employment destination.

Medical Check-up
All the selected candidates will be sent to the medical center for the full medical examination and vaccination. Those candidates who are medically and physically fit for employment will be sent for the recruitment process to sign the employment contract, then after the further visa procedures.

The orientation classes are compulsory, that is organized by the government-registered orientation institute, and play a vital role in providing a brief introduction to the workers about the jobs, safety, and rules and regulations of the respective country. Orientation helps to create awareness and establish friendly relations between employer and employee.

Travel Arrangement
As soon as the visa got approved, we give ticket booking to our travel agency or directly to the concerned airline to confirm seats to the nearest airport. Without better travel management employees sometimes feel uncomfortable.