Lic. No.: 1308/074/75 Reg. No.: 174805/074/075


Care Professional Service - Documentation

All necessary documents should be verified from country to country, so the documentation is the process of deciding who is applicable for the specific job roles to meet the approved formalities from the Labor Department of Nepal. The required documents include the employer’s specification, job description, resumes, and the application form authenticated by Care Professional Service to the respective country.

Demand Letter
A copy of the demand letter from the candidates containing all the details of the vacancy; provides information about the type of work, including required skills of the employers, the number of workers, salary, qualification, and their experience. Moreover, the terms and conditions of Care Professional Service shall be mentioned. The demand letter is completed by prospective employees when they apply for a job.

Power of Attorney
Firstly, the Power of Attorney is a legal authenticated application authorized by our company (Care Professional Service to be the lawful agent of the country. A copy of the Power of Attorney, correctly verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Labor from the respective country of the workers in the respective recruitment agency to act in his favor.

Agency Agreement
The agreement between the Care Professional Service and the employer provides all the terms and conditions required for the recruitment process for the employees. There should be a Guarantee for the workers in the form of a letter. The guarantee from the employers to all workers will work within that country only. Nobody will be sent out of the country. Care Professional Service supplies workers from Nepal that must be signed by both the employer and the respective agency.

Employment Contract
An illustration copy of the employment contract of service harmony mentioning offered salary and schedule of advantages to the workers together with accommodation, food, and health facilities. Employment contract between employer and employee only copy signed and stamped by the sponsor.

Consular Letter
The employer will issue an authority letter from the Care Professional Service Pvt. Ltd, which is addressed to the representative country. It is a letter that is addressed to the connected deputation, the mission for the essential command. This letter is issued by the employer addressing the consulate general of the respective embassy, intimating them for the appointment of Care Professional Service, Pvt. Ltd.

Guarantee Letter 
In the meantime, we are seeking international partners who are highly qualified, efficient, and skilled professionals able to provide good opportunities to the candidates by recruiting them in the right place at the right time. The organization must ensure affordable casting for the candidate. This letter must be verified by the employer and attested from the respective country’s agency.