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Deployment Procedure

Care Professional Service - Deployment Procedure

Deployment procedures examine the process for the energetic participants who are seeking to fill vacancies for the various positions by using a variety of methods.

Care Professional Service Pvt. Ltd received the inquiry from the candidates concerning their requirements. The employer must include their biodata and all the required documents which are accepted for additional recruitment processes for foreign employment from Nepal.

Manpower Grouping
Care Professional Service Pvt. Ltd provides manpower services through administrative and supports services. Then after that, we will move forward by grouping the contract workers.

Interview and Advertisement 
The candidates will be called for an interview by their respective companies. In such cases, we carry out interviews for employers traveling to foreign countries and arrange to the employment destination. The request letter is published in the national daily/weekly newspaper for assembling the documents. Care Professional Service Pvt. Ltd uses various tools such as the internet, SMS, telephone, and print media like newspaper, SMS, email, etc. to characterize that is based on the necessary documents of the employer. 

Selection of Contract Workers
The selection of contract workers may be performed under the selection of workers or through the authorized company. From this method, the representative may conduct the interview and be ready for the selection of the contract workers. All the documents of the employers are required for the employment contract of service harmony which mentions offered salary and schedule of advantages to the workers together with accommodation, food, and health facilities.

The documentation process consists of necessary documents of the employers such as –

  • Demand letter
  • Power of attorney 
  • Agency agreement 
  • Contract of the workers 

Guarantee letter
After the clearance of all the above measures and the service fees. Then only the candidates are finally ready to be deployed from Nepal to foreign.