Lic. No.: 1308/074/75 Reg. No.: 174805/074/075

About Us

Care Professional Service - About Us

Care Professional Service Pvt. Ltd is at the top of Nepal's list of top recruitment firms. With license number 1308/074/075, we are registered under the legal restrictions of the Company Act 2074. Care Professional Service has a long history of providing executive and top recruitment services in Nepal. Our specialization offers excellent services in and outside Nepal as one of Nepal's leading and professionally managed manpower organizations.

Your Success is Our Top Priority!!

The ultimate goal of a business is to recognize and express demand regions, as well as to meet all demands and opportunities in every category of labor, in various countries. We are always improving the specific characters' performance as well as their ability to carry out the workplace's vision and objective. Care Professional Service Pvt. Ltd is one of Nepal's premier recruitment firms, dedicated to meeting the needs of its clients.

Fortunately, we have coursed and expanded human resources growth and satisfaction to the point that Nepalese workers can go straight to multinational firms. As a prominent recruitment agency in Nepal, we pay close attention to the selection process and ensure that the experts we hire have a positive attitude and are energetic. To improve the optimistic mood between our clients and us, we give highly specialized human resource consulting. We would be delighted to show our clients how our recruitment service may assist them in locating appropriate human resources in Nepal and other countries.

Our goal is to provide high-quality services while also equipping personnel with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. In addition, we are dedicated to offering a high-quality workforce to our clients. Our main goal is to deliver the most excellent service possible at all times and the best human resources for our clients and international job prospects for our employees.

Our Vision:
‘To provide employers and job seekers in every discipline with world class professional requirement solutions’. Care Professional Service provides better opportunities and a brighter future to people to arrange employment.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to discover talented manpower for our network. We deliver the right candidate to the right company at the right time. This statement reflects our dedication to providing the greatest level of service to our clients, candidates, and all other stakeholders with whom we collaborate and the implementation of our corporate social responsibility program to benefit the greater community. It exemplifies how we aim to go above and beyond to give outstanding service regularly.

Our Objectives: 
Customer Satisfaction is our priority. Our objective is to provide continuous quality manpower and the best foreign employment opportunities.